EID MAR Denarius


This handcrafted sterling silver EID MAR Ring, is a vintage style design with a handmade look.

It was Carved, Casted, Fixed, Oxidised and polished to it’s lovely vintage roman style sterling silver color.

If you looking for definition in your own jewelrys this is the ring for you..



One of the most famous coins of all time is the EID MAR denarius issued by Marcus Junius Brutus in 43/42 BC. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he threw Rome into more than three years of civil war, eliminating his opponents along the way. In 49 BC, many leading citizens, including some sixty Roman Senators, had come to see Caesar as a power-grabber who wanted to make himself king.

The ring top measurements are:


Width – 1.1cm

Height – 1.4 cm


Please note: slight variations are to be expected as each item is individually hand-crafted.

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Ring size

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