Eilat, the crown jewel on the banks of the Red Sea was my birth place and the catalyst of a magical life that was imbuted with the joy of surfing, sailing, diving and camping. The environment of the city and its wonderous sea shores was the inspiration and genesis of expressing and exposing my talent for art and in particular the craftsmanship of jewelry making. 

My talent and zeal found those around and about me inspiring me very early on to have my first studio. 

My first creations celebrated the nautical theme. The exhilaration of the creative process was so heightened that I found myself immersed, body and soul, in working simultaneously in many and varied precious metals. Guided by the matter itself, it brought to life my imagining only to be matched by the acquisition of my work initially by family, friends and tourists from all over the world.  

Many years later, through circumstances and synchronicity, having established myself in my own homeland, I have garnered my studios in Los Angeles, California. Throughout the years, although I have maintained an affinity for the nautical theme, I pursued other endeavors within new fields and ideas in the art of precious metal. Today, I have been inspired by the arcane grace and beauty of blacksmiths and converted their methods and sensibilities to gold, silver and precious stones; all fused into my new proclamation of my artistic journey titled RUSTICA. 

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